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You may be unsure of what to expect during your child’s first dental visit. You may even be a little nervous. If this is the case, you are not alone.

Most parents are nervous about subjecting their child to any new medical experience, which is why it is important to select the right team. You have nothing to fear because our professionals at Alder Dental will ensure that you and your child have a relaxed and positive first visit. This initial visit will simply involve a dental exam and possibly digital imaging, depending on your child’s age and needs.

What Are Digital X-Rays?

Digital x-rays are a more modern form of the x-rays that are commonly used as opposed to traditional, film-based x-rays. This type of imaging offers many benefits to both our team and your child. Digital x-rays are ready almost instantly, saving you time during your visit. They are also more environmentally friendly because they produce less waste.

The primary benefit of digital x-rays is that they subject your child to significantly less radiation than normal x-rays. Digital x-rays produce 80-90% less radiation than traditional x-rays. Digital images are also much easier to store and transfer between offices if you need your child’s images sent to their physician or a specialist.

What Happens During an Initial Exam?

Your child’s initial dental exam will vary depending on your child’s age and specific tooth development at the time of the exam. If your child only has one or two teeth, our professionals will not need as much time to inspect the teeth. Our team will inspect your child’s gums and oral tissues to ensure that they are developing properly. This will include checking for signs of bottle related tooth decay and other commonly encountered pediatric dental problems.

Our team will also gently clean your child’s teeth during the initial visit and provide diet and nutritional guidance. We may also provide a supplemental fluoride treatment during this visit. Initial pediatric visits are focused on preventative care and providing guidance towards better oral health for your child.

How Often Should My Child Get an Exam and X-rays?

Your child should get regular dental exams and cleanings every six months. This is how often we recommend anyone, at any age, to visit the dentist. These regular exams will allow our team to monitor your child’s oral development and provide feedback on their current dental hygiene practices. Regular dental exams and cleanings are important for preventing serious dental conditions that will cost significant time and money.

It is unlikely that your child will receive x-rays during their initial dental visit. As with all dental treatments, this will be dependent upon your child’s age, needs, and dental conditions. Our team will discuss this with you during your visit. A child generally will not get x-rays until they are approximately five or six years of age and then every few years after that.

It is important to establish your child with dental professionals that you can trust. Our team at Alder Dental can provide for all of your child’s dental needs. Contact us today by calling (360) 831-0831 or come by our office and meet our team.

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At Alder Dental, we make sure you and your child have a relaxed and positive first visit. This initial visit will simply involve a dental exam and cleaning!
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