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Dental Implants with Dentures or Bridges
Vancouver, WA

Group of older women smiling together after getting dental implants at Alder Dental in Vancouver, WACombining a dental implant with a prosthetic device such as a denture or a dental bridge is a great option for your oral health when replacing missing teeth. Prosthetics have a proven advantage to restoring missing teeth, and using them in conjunction with dental implants to permanently retain the prosthetic in your mouth is the closest we can get to renewing teeth you have lost in both feel and function. Our team at Alder Dental can give you replacement teeth that will both look and feel natural.

Partial and Full Denture Device

When a patient has experienced tooth loss, we will always advise replacement. This may be with a partial or full denture. Traditional dentures are retained with the ability to be removable from your mouth. Some patients are medically sensitive enough that having a removable device may be a benefit. For most patients, a loose fitting denture is not an advantage, and it comes with a lot of frustration. Partial dentures are designed with clasps that wrap around natural teeth, and full dentures are held in place with an adhesive or suction. Both of these devices come with minimal assistance in helping you chew and break down food. Dentures have never been known for their comfort, as many patients find changes occur to their speech, they have to alter their diet, and some frustration with the device staying where it belongs.

Denture with Implants

Today, we can hold your dentures in place permanently with the assistance of dental implants. There are options that allow your dentures to be held firmly in place yet still removable when needed. Options such as the bar implant retained denture uses a bar system to hook and unhook your denture. Or, we can discuss a ball implant retained denture, which uses a snap on and off feature to hold your implant in place and remove it when needed. Additionally, there are permanent implant retained denture options, including a full arch bridge. Using multiple implants we can surgically retain your denture in place and it will not be removable. It will quickly feel like you have your own natural teeth again.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a prosthetic system that we use to replace one or multiple missing teeth. The difference between a bridge and a partial denture is that a bridge is cemented in place, making it not removable. A dental bridge provides patients with a firm tooth replacement option that many find to be a fantastic restoration.

Traditionally, we retain a dental bridge using natural healthy teeth as anchors with new replacement teeth attached. This may be great for the missing teeth, but it does mean an alteration of an otherwise healthy tooth, and for some, this may not be ideal. Or, a patient may not have healthy teeth to serve as anchors. This is how dental implants can play a beneficial role in anchoring a dental bridge. Instead of teeth, we can place dental implants to serve as an anchor in your mouth. The bridge will cover the implant with a crown, and the replacement tooth can still be attached to the crowned implant. No natural teeth are needed to retain and hold the device in place. Your bridge will be held firmly and permanently in your mouth.

If you would like further information on dental implants, bridges, or dentures, give our dentists at Alder Dental a call at (360) 831-0831 to schedule an appointment.

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Combining a dental implant with a prosthetic device like a denture or dental bridge is a great option when replacing missing teeth. Call Alder Dental today for more info!
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