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Severe Tooth Decay
Vancouver, WA

Your oral health is our business here at Alder Dental, we make the beauty of your smile our job. It is important that you pay careful attention to your body and the signals that it sends you. If you notice discomfort, swelling, or pain in or around your mouth, please give us a call today at (360) 831-0831 as this could be the sign of an issue with your teeth or gums. Tooth decay is one of those maladies that can sneak up on you without you realizing it, which is why it is so important for you to come in for a professional cleaning and examination twice yearly.

The Cause of Cavities

The primary cause of tooth decay is a lack of oral hygiene, which results in an overabundance of oral bacteria that feed on the food you eat as well as your teeth and gums. It isn’t always easy to remember to brush and floss, and it can be quite easy to make a habit of forgetting to brush and floss. The bacteria that eats at the surfaces of your teeth is commonly called plaque, and will build up throughout the day.

If you have ever felt a fuzzy or mossy buildup on the surfaces of your teeth, that is plaque. Plaque builds up through the night, and during the day and is easily removed from the surfaces of your teeth with brushing and flossing. If you forget to brush and floss, or miss a spot for long enough, plaque will accumulate and eventually harden into a substance known as tartar. Tartar is very hard to remove even with the correct tools and almost impossible to remove with a toothbrush and floss. Tartar can lead to extreme tooth decay, cavities, and eventually, the loss of teeth.

Tooth Restorations Are Our Specialty

If you have a toothache and come into our office for a checkup, know that dental restorations like fillings and crowns are our most frequently performed procedures. As such, we can save you time and money with our high-quality procedures that aim to breath new life back into your teeth.

Severe Tooth Decay Can Lead to Tooth Extractions

If a tooth has experienced a serious amount of decay, it may not even be salvageable with root canal therapy. If this is the case, the best course of action to prevent further infection and damage is to remove the tooth with a tooth extraction. If you have a tooth removed, it is of critical importance to your oral health that you have it replaced as quickly as possible. We have a variety of tooth replacement options ranging from removable appliance like dentures to permanent options like dental implants.

Our Goal For Your Teeth

We would like to prevent any degree of damage to your teeth by detecting issues like tooth decay when they are still in their early, preventable stages. If we catch a cavity when it is still forming, we can often take steps to prevent it from ever causing you trouble.

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