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Oral Cancer Screening
Vancouver, WA

At Alder Dental, we have incorporated an orofacial cancer screening as part of every routine dental exam. Mouth related cancer is not a highly common form of cancer but it is as common as cervical cancer. This is a visual inspection in which Dr. Alder will look for anything unusual or abnormalities that appear questionable. Lumps, lesions, or sores could be a sign of a cancerous or precancerous condition. In this event, Dr. Alder would simply recommend seeing your physician for further examination.

Your screening will consist of careful examination all areas of your mouth including:
•  Lips
•  Tongue
•  Palate
•  Gum tissues
•  Cheek lining

But I don't smoke, do I need to worry?

Smoking does increase your chance of developing oral related cancers, but there are other factors. Studies show that 25% of oral cancer patients are not related to smoking. Oral cancer can be a serious situation. Your health matters to us. Dr. Alder knows that catching signs early could save your life.

How can I spot signs of oral cancers?

Frequently, we find that our patients are aware of what is normal for their body. The best way to spot irregularities is to keep an eye out for changes, they might be early warning signals. The general rule we follow is that if you see anything that is new, painful, or irritated, and doesn't go away after a month of careful watching, come see Dr. Alder, who can refer you to an oral and maxillofacial doctor.

What are you looking for during the screening?

Oral cancer screenings are fast and painless. With a simple tongue depressor and scope, Dr. Alder will look for:
•  Open sores that have not healed with time or any lumps in your neck
•  Changes in the color or texture of soft tissues
•  Experiencing difficulty in swallowing
•  Tenderness or pain, anywhere in your mouth, ears or throat

We are happy to answer your questions about oral cancer. For more information, contact Brian Alder, DDS, at our Vancouver, WA office at (360) 831-0831.

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At Alder Dental, we have incorporated an oralfacial cancer screening as part of every routine dental exam. Click through the link to learn more.
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